As a self-published author, it can be a lot of struggle to attract a significant amount of attention to your book. Through professional book reviews, you can have the opportunity to build some name recognition and get noticed by agents, publishers and other industry influencers.

Elk Press helps authors to have their book reviewed by qualified professionals, such as librarians,nationally published journalists, creative executives and a lot more. With our vast pool of professional book reviewers, you can receive an a book review that could generously boost your writing career.

Reduces Risk to Readers

  • Book reviews help potential readers become familiar with what a book is about, give them an idea of how they themselves might react to it and determine whether this particular book will be the right book for them right now.

Greater Chances for Books to Get Found by Readers

  • Books that have more book reviews are more likely to be shown to prospective readers and buyers as compared to books with few or no book reviews.

Boost Sales

  • Books that have a lot of book reviews appear to be popular books. It’s human nature for people to be curious about what looks popular and want to check it out for themselves. As a result, a good number of book reviews can help lead to a snowball effect of book sales.

The presence of book reviews can help validate the worthiness of a book and establish who the book’s audience is. Then once validated, other similar people are much more likely to want to join their peers and buy that same book.

Pacific Book Reviews are written carefully by vetted professional writers and critics from mainstream media publications; editors from respected publishing houses; or professionals who have a demonstrated expertise in the subject matter of the book reviewer. The review will be promoted to agents, publishers, librarians, booksellers and readers.

With this service, you will get:

  • Receive a PDF tear sheet of your review between 400-600 words.
  • Review completed within 3 weeks.
  • Professionally edited reviews, ready for you to reprint on your marketing materials.
  • Feature links to authors’ websites.
  • A link of the review on Amazon for the option to buy the book on Pacific Book Review.
  • An option to become the featured book of the month on the homepage of Pacific Book Review for a full month.
  • An option to be chosen for the top 5 picks for a full month on the homepage of Pacific Book Review.
  • Free social network uploading and sharing links.
  • Considered for Starred reviews, rewarded to those books Pacific Book Review individual reviewers highly recommend.
  • If your book receives a Starred review, the Star will accompany your review wherever the review appears on the site, including in the archives.
  • Review is searchable through author’s current residence; Author Platform; Notable Books (titles receiving Starred reviews and Pacific Book Awards); category and subcategory; and by title, author and even keyword — all in an intuitive and friendly manner.
  • Reviews are syndicated on Ingram’s iPage and Oasis databases (seen by 70,000 booksellers and librarians).
  • Permission to reprint reviews on all marketing materials and book covers, in whole or in part (provided no words are changed, and Pacific Book Review is credited).
  • Book will be marketed in physical bookstores and offered on consignment basis.
  • An entry will be submitted to Author Academy Awards for your book to participate in the contest.

Price: $1,299

The US Review of Books accepts published books and prepublication galleys for review. (No manuscripts please.) We also review published e-books and audio books. A book review includes written coverage and category placement in our on-line publication. New reviews are listed on the recent reviews page and in our newsletter to 18,525 subscribers. Additional services, such as book image display, link inclusion, feature placement, and banner placement may be requested. You can also get your title in front of thousands of social media followers.

How it works:

1. Shortly after receiving your payment for the review package, we will contact you via e-mail for the book data. We need to know the title, a brief description, and review category before we schedule a review.

2. Once your book is scheduled with a reviewer, we will send a shipping address. Please send the book within 10 days of receiving the shipping address. (E-books and audio books may be sent as e-mail attachments.)

3. Reviews are typically written, edited, and published in 3-4 weeks after receiving your book. When the review is written, we will send a copy of the review prior to publication. If additional services were requested, we will provide a schedule for those review features.

Express Review Package

The Express Review package includes the book cover image and one website link. Both the book cover image and website link must be provided by the author or the author’s representative. The review will be delivered in ten days or less (from the day the reviewer receives your book).

Eric Hoffer Awards

The US Review of Books supports the Eric Hoffer Project by publishing the results of the annual Eric Hoffer Award for Books. The Eric Hoffer Award is judged by a separate panel, under direction of the Eric Hoffer Project, and is not influenced by The US Review of Books.

The Eric Hoffer Award honors the memory of the great American philosopher Eric Hoffer. In addition to the grand prize, Hoffer honors are bestowed by press type and category, and also through the Montaigne Medal, da Vinci Eye, and First Horizon Award. Coverage of the the Hoffer is updated in May when the results are released to the public.

Price: $1,299

Hollywood Book Review started with a focus on the motion picture industry, but since it has branched out to become a highly recognized review service for virtually every genre and any author who needs to have a book review. Authors and publishers wanted book review services they could trust, making sure all highest standards of advocative criticism were in place. The talent pool of reviewers from this area also exemplified a highly acute industry acumen, knowing the trends just over the horizon on the needs for content. Increase your credibility with a professional review!

With this review package, you get:

  • Review completed within 3 weeks.
  • 400-600 word professional review.
  • PDF tear sheet of the review.
  • Review posted on our website.
  • Review linked to Amazon on HBR site.
  • Visitors can purchase book on site.
  • Eligible for featured book of the month.
  • Eligible for top 5 reviews on homepage.
  • Reviews feature links to authors’ site.
  • Reviews feature authors’ social media.
  • Review posted to HBR social media.
  • Newsletter listing.
    Distribute review to news sites.
  • Distribution to numerous search engines
  • Amazon (Editorial Page), Barnes & Noble
    Google, Ingram, Baker & Taylor & more.
  • First placement on Google search engine.
  • Eligible for the Starred review.

Price: $1,299

Touted as the world’s toughest critic, Kirkus Reviews holds an eighty-year-old reputation of drawing the mainstream industry’s attention to the best new releases. With the recent upsurge in self-published releases, this publication has expanded its reach with its Kirkus Indie program, which gives self-published authors the same opportunity to acquire unbiased reviews of their work. Kirkus reviews are trusted and authoritative critiques created by experts who are selected for their knowledge base and mastery in certain fields.

This service includes the following items:

Kirkus Traditional Review

– Receive a 250-300 words of honest, caveat-emptor evaluation under the same impartial rubric and in the same format and style as a traditional Kirkus review.

  • Kirkus will post these reviews on their website and the reviews are also eligible for inclusion in the Kirkus Indie monthly eNewsletter, which highlights the best submissions to the program.
  • The eNewsletter goes to a targeted base of subscribers, including agents, editors, and librarians.

Catalog (1 of 8 slots)

– A 1/8 page advertisement in a full-color catalog distributed to Kirkus’ database of industry influencers, which includes librarians, publishers, book sellers, book buyers and decision makers.

Magazine Ad

-A (1 of 8 slots) sneak peek of published books. Subscribed semimonthly black and white magazine, published on the 1st and 15th of every month and is distributed to a targeted industry readership of librarians, booksellers, and publishing professionals, with circulation at 15,000 copies.

Each contains up to 8 title listings with cover image, up to 60 word description, author’s name, ISBN, publication date, and retail price.

Founded in 1933. Kirkus is an authoritative voice in book discovery, it reviews 10,000 books per year, garners an average of 2.6 million website impressions per month, and fosters 65,000 email newsletter subscribers.

Price: $2.199

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Some restrictions may apply. Prices listed do not include any applicable sales, use, excise, value-added, goods and services, or other tax, which will be added to the total at the time of purchase. Other restrictions may also apply.