Our services are not one-size-fits-all solution, we tailor the marketing as to how it will fit to you and your book. We want you to be confident in promoting your book and building your author platform. We’re not offering you expensive services that you won’t be needing. What you will get is an honest guidance and expert advice which is specific to your book’s category and genre.

With ELK PRESS, the marketing services are expertly created and selected that we know can increase your sales, save money, save time and sell more.

Whether your book is still in the works or your book is going to be published but needs to know what marketing would fit, we can work with you to set your wheels in motion.


Your author website is your reader's entry into the world of your book. It is an excellent marketing platform to start building your followers and fan base who will someday be buyers of your books.

When you have a website, you can tell people who you are and everything from your book, announce upcoming publications, to keep people interested.


Getting booked radio talk show interviews provide lots of exposure for authors. This is about leveraging your brand as an author and an expert. As a guest, you have the stage to tell the show listeners all they need to know about buying your book. With just one interview, you are able to reach loyal listeners of the radio talk show. 

With ELK PRESS's publicity campaigns, you can join the thousand of book authors, speakers and experts who have experienced overwhelming success in getting booked for radio talk show interviews.


TV interviews provide a great way for authors to continue building exposure and credibility. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about your book and generate sales through effective interviews.


We are fairly new to the industry, having opened early part of the first quarter, February 2019 in Edmonton, Alberta. So far, it’s the only publishing company with a bookstore in the area, creating an advantage for this niche operating to target book lovers from nearby businesses and passing by locals and tourists who visits the area.

Is your book a movie material?

Do you like to be the next Dan Brown, the author of The DaVinci Code, who has made himself over fifty million dollars in U.S. domestic royalties alone and gets all the benefits of a movie deal with much more favorable terms than any specific scriptwriter could expect?

If your answer is yes, then don't search any further. We'll help you turn your book into a screenplay for millions of audience to see on silver screen! 


If you're a talented, serious author and story maker trying to decide whether to write a novel or a screenplay, we can work with you in reaching your goal.

There's no need to require yourself a great agent or a solid career in place, we have the creative minds of people who work in the movie industry whom we have created a long standing relationship with through the years.


Know the value of face to face contact at book events. Meet publishers, agents, book buyers, and attendees who go to these events from stand to stand looking for books in their favorite genre or those that will fit their market.

Get your book discovered, just like "Harry Potter", which was discovered at the Bologna Book Fair, an international book fair in Bologna Italy.

Sell millions of copies by getting your book highly visible and discover-able to readers and decision makers in the industry who are always present every year in search for  material to become the most talked about and trendsetter in the market today. 

ELK PRESS can help you get your book visible to the right people who matters in the industry. Have your book a special spot at these book events and be recognized. Because, nobody will buy your book if no one sees or knows about it. 

Joining a book contest opens new opportunities for publicity and sales. It brings benefits to everyone who are involved in the industry which is good for the whole literary community. To win one award, will bring you personal satisfaction and added credibility and prestige for your book.


An effective marketing plan should include an entry for book awards and recognition. Winning a book award increases your visibility, widen your market reach and strengthens your credibility as an author. It also raises the value of your book in the mind of your readers. A book has better value if it has won an award, it is preferable and a best choice for book buyers to purchase.


Book reviews are important to authors and readers. It help potential readers know what a book is all about giving an idea as to how they might react when they read it. 

With ELK PRESS's professional book reviews, your book will have greater visibility and greater chance of getting found by readers online. These reviews are shown to prospective readers and buyers to get comparison with those that has no reviews. It amplifies your reach among book loving markets and gain attention for would be readers of your book. 

For books that have a lot of reviews, they look popular for readers to decide checking out for themselves. With it s presence on your book, it can validate its worth and establish the right audience.


It has been found that statistically the average internet user will remain on a website around eighty percent longer if there is a video to view. Videos have also seen the largest rise as a piece of sharable media, meaning your book trailer can be shared all over the world 24/7. If you are having trouble conveying the message of your book, or gaining the attention you feel it deserves, a book trailer may be a good option to explore.