Is your book fit to be in the silver screen? Do you think your book could be adapted into a movie or a television series?

Many Hollywood movie producers are on the lookout for new source material to turn into the next big feature film to hit the silver screen. The movie industry relies, partly, on book-to-film adaptations for its success, and movie studios are optioning the film rights to novels and memoirs at a rapid pace. If you’re working on your novel, you might at some point adapt your own literary work into a screenplay for a film or TV series.

ELK Press can make your book available to film agents, producers, directors, writers and actors through our array of Book to Film Services available to author's books with significant benefits.

Whether you’re a bestselling author or a newbie writer more accustomed to self-publishing, there’s never been a better time to consider adapting your existing material for film and television.

There’s more enthusiasm and excitement among fans for seeing their favorite book turned into a television show or blockbuster film.


* $1,199

Does your book have what it takes to be in the silver screen? Our Book to Film In-Depth Review can tell you if it does. This is a cost-effective industry standard tool that Hollywood uses to identify viable new materials.

How it works:

  • A professional adaptation reviewer will conduct an analysis of your work to develop a Book to Film Coverage – a tool used by the Hollywood industry to determine a book’s potential for adaptation to film, television, or digital media. 
  • Your book to film in depth review will comprise:
  1. A thorough synopsis (highlights the major characters and events in your story.)
  2. A book to film analysis (addressing strengths and weakness and  key story points how your book might adaptable for film.)

Once your book to film in-depth review will be complete, it will be submitted to our first look partner to determine if they will be interested to option the book for adaptation. 

We will send you a copy of this in-depth review to your email and discuss how you would consider taking the next step for creating the screenplay.



* $3,999

Get all the benefits of a book to film in depth review, plus a professionally crafted book video trailer of your work.

A book video trailer provides an elegant and exciting visual presentation of your book through a professionally crafted 60 to 75 second teaser using still photos, images, and motion graphics with background music.

This feature guarantees a clear and attractive material to catch the attention of film executives. This will include:

  • A thorough synopsis highlighting the main characters and events of your story provided by a professional reviewer.
  • A critical analysis of your book addressing the key story points and the book’s viability if it be adapted to another medium
  • A professionally crafted 60- to 75-second teaser book video trailer of your book created using still photos, images, and motion graphics with background music.


* $4,999

Treatments are used primarily as a way to communicate – before the screenplay is written – what a screenplay will be about, and what will happen within it. It’s thought of as a form of prewriting. Rarely would you write the full screenplay and then follow up with a treatment summarizing everything. More commonly, the treatment is written to distill and convey the writer’s intentions. That’s not to say that it never happens the other way around, but “treatment first” tends to be the most common approach.

If you trust your book has what it takes to make it to the big or small screen, then take the next step with the Book to Film Treatment—a tool that offers a resourceful roadmap for your work’s version to screenplay and a must if you want to convince Hollywood’s decision makers of your book’s movie potential.


  • Your skilled screenwriter will provide a thorough 8- to 10-page book to film treatment detailing how best to adapt your book’s manuscript into a film and/or television screenplay.
  • Once ready, we will scrutinize it for option by our first-look partner, Changemaker Productions.
  • If they are interested in working with you, they will contact you directly and explain their plan of action to explore their interest.
  • We will save your Treatment in our Book to Film Database, where movie and television writers, agents, directors, and producers have access to the information.
  • The screenwriter waives all rights to the treatment, so you maintain full ownership of your story.


* $21,999

If you’re a serious author and ready to turn your book into a movie or television series, a screenplay is your next stop to get noticed by Hollywood professionals. With a professionally adapted screenplay, you are ready to create a buzz and break into the movie and entertainment industry.

Your screenplay is a fully developed script that television and movie producers will use to determine if an adaptation of your book will be something they want to produce. With your professionally adapted screenplay, you will let Hollywood know you’re serious about breaking into the entertainment business and the movie industry.

Our screenwriter will craft a treatment of your book to write the full, completed script adaptation, either for film, television, or new media adaptation. The Screenplay will be in Hollywood-standard format, which adheres to all the correct conventions and formatting used for screenwriting in Hollywood.


  • The screenwriter will complete a screenplay based on the produced book to film treatment of your book.
  • Screenplay elements include character dialogue and detailed action of the story.
  • We will write the Screenplay according to Hollywood’s standard format.
  • Once screenplay will be ready, we will review it by our first look partner, Changemaker Production, for optioning and film projects.
  • We add the screenplay to our book to film directory, which is accessible to Hollywood directors, producers, actors, and agents.
  • You will keep full ownership and rights to the screenplay. You could even produce the film yourself using your professional script adaptation!

Please Note:

The Treatment is a prerequisite in converting the book into Screenplay, which is already in the package.

About Changemaker Productions

Changemakers Productions founded by GINI GRAHAM SCOTT, PhD, a screenplay writer, indie film producer, and TV game/reality show developer, plus a nonfiction writer who has published over 200 books, 50 for traditional publishers and 150 self-published in her own company.

She has written scripts for 20 feature films and has written and executive produced 10 films and TV projects. The company has been producing films for 10 years. It started producing 60 short narrative films, documentaries and music videos  viewed on its YouTube Channel, Changemakersprod.

Since 2014, it has written and co-produced 4 feature-films, a TV series pilot, and documentary with Dear Skyler Productions, a company that has directed and produced over 30 feature films, including:









These are in distribution, release, or post-production.A documentary series Live Healthy, Live Longer: The Secrets of Healthy Aging will-being production in July and available for distribution in November.

The next in the series based on The Science of Living Longer by Gini Graham Scott and published by ABC-Clio.

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