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In this collection of 200 poems, written after retirement from a brilliant scientific career, author Nirander Safaya takes us on a panoramic journey of self-discovery.

Angela, called by billions of fans worldwide as Blue Angel, or the angelic voice of Gaia, is perhaps the MOST popular singer in the history of showbiz.

Imagine what the world would think or the questions that would be raised if Jesus lived now and was a Women teacher and prophet.

In Italian, innamorata translates to being in love. Who would dispute love being the most controversial, rewarding, gut wrenching, fulfilling, powerful emotion on the planet?

The great Mathematician Euler speculates that our Mother Earth is HOLLOW, with openings at the North and South Poles.

In this new collection of poetry, written after retirement from his scientific career, author Nirander M. Safaya portrays the thrills and challenges of life in general and of love in particular.

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